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Will the A.R.T.® evaluation and treatment hurt?

No, A.R.T. is a non invasive treatment meaning our testing does not hurt or require objects such as needles, etc...

How long is each treatment?

The initial patient visit is approximately 90 minutes and the follow up visits are a commitment of 30-45 minutes weekly with the exception of the food sensitivity screening session which is approximately 60-90 minutes. 

How long do I need to come to finish treatments?

Every individual is different in terms of how quickly they respond to treatment.  It depends on the severity and extent of allergies or symptoms, as well as the client's intended goals of treatment.

Is your treatment covered by insurance?

No, unfortunately insurance does not cover our treatments.  We try to offer as many forms of payment as possible to help accommodate this. We also recommend you look into your HSA (Health Savings Account) program as we may be approved. 

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